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Historic Route 66 Guides & Map

We recommend the following publications for preparing your trip and while on the road.

By far the easiest way to get a hold of these is to buy them from amazon.com (it’s, unfortunately, the only amazon that carries them all reliably). Don’t worry they do ship to Belgium. Don’t expect to find the major bookstores in the US to carry any of these. Ordering them up front is really what’s called for.

Route 66: EZ66 Guide for Travelers

Jerry McClanahan

Many travelers swear by this as their ultimate guide for Route 66. Quite a few call it their “bible” while on the road. It contains maps, eastbound and westbound directions and some information on what you encounter along the way. The guide picks alignments in order to provide easy travel.

If you only get one book, get this one!

Here It Is! The Route 66 Map Series

Jim Ross & Jerry McClanahan

This set of 8 maps gives an overview of Route 66 one state at a time. The maps also feature both eastbound and westbound directions.

If you look for a map of Route 66, there is none better and more detailed on the market.

The Route 66 Encyclopedia

Jim Hinckley

The encyclopedia lists relevant landmarks, towns, cities, people, and more things related to Route 66. This is the ideal reference work to have while preparing your trip (or for writing up that trip report to go with your pictures afterward).

Due to the weight of the book, it’s less suited to take along to the US.

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